After cricket and football, basketball is the other most popular game in the country. And the same with injuries as well. As per a report within the National Basketball Association (NBA), the injury rate among individuals is around 12-14%. So, imagine the entire country?

At some point in the game, we do commit some errors that lead to some common basketball injuries. But if we identify them priorly, there are chances to reduce the injury.

Henceforth, in this blog, I have shared some extraordinary ways to prevent common basketball injuries. Read the blog to know more.

What Are Some Common Basketball Injuries?

Here I have shared a list of some common basketball injuries which are common during playing.

Ankle Sprains

Sprained ankles are one of the common basketball injuries that the majority of the population suffers from. Usually, it can be treated with minimum care, like rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Still, in the most severe cases, you may need to visit a physician, depending upon the severity of the case.

Knee Injuries

Basketball is a game with high leg movements, and thereby, knee injuries have become a common issue. Mostly, it is caused by a sudden movement or a change in the direction of your joints, leading to a sudden tear in ligaments and tissues.

Finger Injuries

Finger Injuries are also common in basketball due to the involvement of the fingers during the match. It usually occurs when the ball hits the endpoints of your fingers. The fingers can generally be treated with some ice application or by tapping the injured finger with the adjacent finger, which normalizes the pain.

Calf Muscle Strain

An injury to the calf muscle is also a common problem that can arise while playing basketball. It causes a serious kind of pain in the calf muscles for a prolonged period. The treatment involves several weeks of rest, immobilization, and some physical therapy to resolve it.

Achilles Tendon Tears

The symptoms of the Achilles tendon are similar to those of the calf. The injury occurs when the Achilles tendon tears. This type of injury usually heals with surgery, but in rare cases can also be managed with non-operative treatment as well.

Deep Thigh Bruising

When the ball unintentionally strikes the player's thigh, this type of injury occurs. It is quite adverse and can cause pain compared to a knee injury. This usually takes around a period of some 4-6 weeks to get rid of the pain and heal completely.

Facial Cuts 

Facial Cuts are also a type of injury caused while playing basketball. In this type of injury the facial, the facial part of the person is affected. It occurs when there is a direct blow from another player. It can be healed properly, but in certain complicated cases, stitches can be possible, which usually occurs on the head and the face.

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Wrist injuries

A sudden hit of the ball to your wrist is the main cause of wrist injuries. Some common symptoms of wrist injuries include swelling, bruising, discoloration, warm feeling around the wrist, limited mobility, pain in the wrist, a tearing type of feeling inside the wrist, etc. Treatment includes ice application or, in case of fractures, consulting the physician is better.

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How to Prevent Common Basketball Injuries?

To prevent common basketball injuries, the following are the things to follow.

Proper Warmup

A proper warm Up session before any training is essential to make your body ready for the sports. It reduces sudden and unwanted injuries during the game. A sudden indulgence in sports can cause wear and tear to the tissues, leading to severe pain in the leg. Hence, taking a proper warmup is necessary.

Hydration and Diet

Staying hydrated prevents you from getting tired and reduces the risk of injuries. Please do not wait until you get thirsty; it will make you dehydrated and can wear you out during the matches, leading to common basketball injuries. If not water, even try to get some fresh juice, which will keep you hydrated and also energetic. The same is the case for food as well. Try opting for nutritious and healthy food to support during injuries for a faster recovery.


Try to look for the best environmental conditions that suit your health and make you stay there. If the place is extremely hot or extremely cold, there are chances for your body to suffer from illness. Henceforth it is suggested to stay away from such a kind of environment to escape extreme weather conditions that might impact your health.

No Overtraining

Another reason for suffering from basketball injuries by these young athletes is overtraining. Listen to your body and try to reduce over-pressure applied to your body, which might leave you worn out. Reduce the time you spend on your body to make sure that you are not overtraining your body. If your body is not ready for the training session, reduce the timing.


Exercise is the basic fuel to play any sport. Know the basic rules of basketball for preventing injuries. It helps give you proper fuel to your body. Performing stretching exercises is the best way to increase flexibility in basketball. Strength training can charge and support your legs, and you can also train your upper body to improve stability and support during the movements.


Several ankle-supporting shoes and wears are available, which can reduce the risk of injuries to the ankles. Especially if you have a history of such injuries earlier, it is advised to prefer suitable footwear that can reduce the chance of injury to both your knees and ankles.

Rest and Recovery

Despite special training, rest is the main thing to involve in your schedule for a proper balance in your body. Also, try visiting the health care professionals in case of any injuries or in case of emergency to get fair and appropriate treatment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Avoid Common Basketball Injuries

What Are the Different Ways to Avoid Common Basketball Injuries?

To avoid common basketball injuries, try to,

  • Choose activities based on your fitness levels; don't go beyond that

  • Never try to hang or swing on a basketball ring

  • Get an idea of how to use the basketball equipment for safety measures

  • Follow the rules properly

Who Discovered the Basketball Game?

James Naismith introduced the basketball game.

How to Be a Proper and Healthy Basketball Player?

To be a proper basketball player:

  1. Try to have a warm up before playing the game.

  2. Stretch the muscles and the joints before hitting the court.

  3. Stay hydrated regularly to prevent yourself from getting tired.

To conclude, the basketball game is full of enjoyment and fun, but besides everything, it also has uncertainties and risks that one has to understand. It is better to know about the rules beforehand to avoid risks and enhance performance.

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