Remember those sunny afternoons when carrying stumps and bats was the craze for the kids of the 90s? During those days, every child waited for the vacation to have plenty of fun with their friends. The cricket was called street crickets or gully cricket. But as time changed the game has also evolved. Earlier, the game, which was so common in the streets and the playgrounds, has now acquired the form of box cricket, stadium, and indoor sports.

But the craze for gully cricket is still on top priority among all. So why not know more about this gully cricket rules and laws in this blog? Read the blog till the end to know more.

What is Gully Cricket?

Gully Cricket originated from the local slang of the South Asian region, 'Gully,' which means streets. Hence, cricket played on streets is referred to as gully cricket. It is played in the backyards of the houses of countries like New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, whereas we Indians, Pakistanis, and Sri Lankans practice outdoors. Playing cricket in the streets is one of the most fascinating games that people play with their friends for fun in their leisure time. 

Origin of Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket, Born out of the passion for cricket, originated as the game of the individuals who sought their interest considering their passion for the game. Gully cricket occupied its home in places like the alleys, parks, and streets where the young enthusiasts gathered quickly with their irregular tools like the makeshift wickets, tennis balls, and the boundless enthusiasm among the players. In the gully cricket, the people play with their friends, making up the rules as they go. In gully cricket, it's not about the fancy equipment or big fields. It's all about the game and having a good time with friends. Gully Cricket provides you with the flexibility to play it anywhere in the neighbourhood and still have a blast.

Benefits of Playing Gully Cricket

The following are some of the benefits of the gully cricket:

Health Benefits:

Playing gully cricket involves both physical as well as mental health benefits to your body. It is a great form of exercise with a blend of fun that involves batting, bowling, running, and fielding that helps improve your overall fitness and also reduces the stress factors that affect your body. Hence, playing cricket is a better way to boost both your physical and mental health.

Social Interaction: 

Playing with a group of individuals improves social interaction. It is a better way to socialise with people and get into a sports community where you will be encouraged for who you are. Hence, playing gully cricket is also better for helping you socialise with people and improve your relationships with others.

Relieves Stress:

Everything is a part, but playing in the streets with your friends in the evening in your spare time is a pleasure that cannot be compared with anything. It is the best activity to relieve stress and also has a good impact on your mental health. It helps you to regain your energy and also lets out the frustration that occurs naturally in your life.

Team Work:

Gully cricket is a team sport that enhances your teamwork skills by promoting coordination and cooperation skills among individuals. Working together with a team helps enhance your sportsmanship as well. Thus, improving your teamwork skills helps you further in life.

Common Rules of the Gully Cricket

Yet, the game itself is an informal game; the rules are also sure to be informal. Here are a few gully cricket rules for playing cricket;


The batting rules of gully cricket are that the people who bat first are the people who bring the bat for the game. In some cases, the batter is the one who first wins the toss. As per the rule, the one who brings the bat for the game is supposed to do the batting first. And the winning team in the present match will be batting first in the next match.

Trial Ball:

One of the significant gully cricket rules is that the first ball attempted by every batsman in the game is considered to be the trial ball. In this round, the batter can get prepared and make themselves prepared for the game further.

Batsman's Responsibility:

As per the rules, if the batsman hits the ball too far and it is lost, then the batsman is only responsible for the ball and has to replace it with a new one. Hence, it is the batsman's responsibility to look after the ball and see to it that it doesn't reach too far.

Pitch Catch Out: 

In certain cases, the pitch-catch will be considered out if the fielder catches the ball after one bounce but with one hand. Here, the player who hits the ball is out. Hence, the batsman is out.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gully Cricket Rules:

Where is the gully cricket played?

Gully cricket is played in the small streets of the town, where children gather and have fun together. Usually, gully cricket is played for entertainment purposes only, unlike the official matches, which are played on the game field.

Who can play gully cricket? 

Anyone interested in playing cricket can play gully cricket. Although the rules are different from those of cricket, the way people play is similar.

Where can gully cricket be played?

Gully cricket can be played anywhere, like in the backyard of the house, on the streets, on the terrace, beach, park, etc.

Eventually, gully cricket paves a funny and exciting way for people to enjoy the game in the locality and neighbourhood. With better equipment, the playing conditions promote the skill levels to participate.

The gully cricket rules are also similar to cricket. It is not only for entertainment, but also provides a better way for skill development and physical fitness, and also improves your competitive spirit.

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