Spin bowling is the oldest yet the most challenging type of bowling, which tricks the batters and leaves them stunned. Yet, there are several types of spin bowling techniques; the leg spin and the off spin still stand on the top. Mostly the leg spin and the off spin are similar and possess some basic differences which you need to know. In this blog, I've discussed the leg spin vs off spin in detail. Read the blog till the end to know more. 

What is Leg Spin?

Leg spin is a type of spin bowling in cricket that allows the bowler to spin the right arm with a wrist spin action. The leg spinners' normal delivery makes the ball spin from right to left after the ball hits the pitch. A right-handed player gets the name leg break as it is away from the leg.

In the leg-spin delivery, the bowler delivers the ball, and when the ball reaches the ground, it moves from the leg side to the off side, which is a bit away from the right-handed batsman. In the leg spin delivery, the wrist action is implemented to deviate the ball from the point of delivery, tricking the batsman into hitting the ball. Similarly, if a left-handed bowler makes the same type of delivery, it is known as left-arm bowling.

What is an Off Spin? 

The off spin is also known as finger spin bowling in cricket, and the person who bowls with the off spin technique is known as the off spin bowler. This bowling technique is also known as the finger spinning technique as they use fingers in between to deliver the ball to the cricketer.

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Mostly, the right hand is used to make a spin to the ball, making it easier to deliver. Once the bounce reaches the pitch, it swings from the left to right as per the perspective of the bowler, but from the batter's perspective, the ball comes from the offside and spins to his legs to the left side. Well, there are different variations and types even in the off spin delivery, like the Armball, Doosra, Carrom Ball and the Top Spinner. However, no matter what type of bowling is used by the bowler, the ultimate aim remains to trick the batsman.

Well, by mastering all these bowling techniques you can become a renowned sports community for effective learning. 

Leg Spin vs Off Spin: What is the Difference?

Well, there are two main types of spin bowling technique in cricket namely the off spin and the leg spin. Let's know more about the leg spin vs off spin and also their differences in detail.


The primary difference between the leg spin and vs off spin is the direction of the delivery which it reaches. A leg spin bowling technique will turn the bowling from the leg side to the off side in case it is bowled for the right-handed batsman. And this is not the same in the case of spin bowling where the ball moves in the opposite direction.

Type of Spinner

In leg spin bowling, the bowler uses the wrist to make a spin, known as a wrist spinner, whereas, in the case of off spin bowling, the fingers are used to spin the ball, known as a finger spinner.


When we talk about the difficulty level, leg spin is more difficult to deliver when compared to off spin bowling. It is because, since everything is done with the wrist in this type of bowling it becomes more difficult to gain control over it.   


The variations of the leg spin are also different when compared to the off spin. The leg spin uses variations such as googly, whereas, on the other hand, the off spinner uses variations like the carrom, doosra, arm ball, and top spinner, making it completely difficult. 

Grip and Release

When we talk about the grip, the leg spin uses the index and the middle finger to hold the ball, imparting a clockwise spin and then typically releasing the ball from the wrist, rotating it sharply from left to right. On the other hand, the grip of off spin bowling is like rotating it in an anticlockwise direction by releasing the ball within the fingers. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Leg Spin vs Off Spin

List Out the Famous Off Spin Bowlers in History.

Some renowned and famous figures known for their off spin bowling techniques are;

  • Muttiah Muralitharan - Sri Lanka

  • Ravichandran Ashwin - India

  • Ajantha Mendis - Sri Lanka

  • Saeed Ajmal - Pakistan

  • Erapalli Prasanna- India

  • Nathan Lyon - Australia

  • Harbhajan Singh - India

  • Graeme Swann - England

  • Shakib Al Hasan - Bangladesh

  • Saqlain Mushtaq - Pakistan 

What Are the Different Variations of Off Spin Applied in Cricket?

The different variations of off spin bowling are doosra, carrom, arm ball, top spinner, etc.

What Is the Average Speed of the Off Spin Bowlers?

The average speed of the off spin bowlers is around 75-85 kmph and is considered the perfect and considerable speed for the off spinners.

What Are the Differences between the Off Spin and the Leg Spin?

Some major differences between off spin and leg spin are the type of delivery, the grip, variations, difficulty, type of spinner, direction, etc.

What Are Possible Mistakes during Off Spin Bowling?

Some common mistakes of off spin bowling are; 

  • Not trying to turn the ball

  • Not swinging 

  • Not varying the pace

  • Bowling flatter when getting hit for six

  • Not having a perfect stock ball

  • Bowling too straight

To conclude, leg Spin vs off spin has its own differences and set of variances. However, each style offers a unique challenge as well as benefits for you. Hence, it depends on the player's preference for how they choose the best one for them, considering various things like personal preference, team strategy, and the conditions of the pitch.

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